General Manager Speech
Jinhua HuaCheng medical instrument co., LTD from startup period have things to do today to enter the high-speed development of the enterprise, we walked through a period of struggle of the road paved with blood and sweat.We thank the social from all walks of life to HuaCheng medical support and selfless love, thank you for hard work in various positions of dedicated employees.
A person only self-confidence and efforts to make their achievement, an enterprise.The vast business, thousand boat race.Confidence makes us in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of environment more confidence;Let's learn to down-to-earth hard and unremitting pursuit.Companies with these two points, the development of the root.It makes the enterprise in each and every one in life and work in the glaring light of humanity, wisdom, make our partners and we as one hundred times more confidence to meet the future.This is our wealth, also is our value, but also we offer our customers every quality products motivation and beliefs.Good ideas from the excellent culture to people, and respect for life is the essence of HuaCheng medical culture.The creation of a fair competition and that is for system, is the core of support enterprise development.We are willing to work for our young people with superior environment and fully demonstrate the stage of the talent, let the people realize the value of life, of having both ability and political integrity to promote the greater development of HuaCheng medical treatment.
Work prudence seriously, treats people with tolerance and honesty, the pursuit of extensive and profound, development has no end.This is a fundamental criterion for HuaCheng people life and work, is also developing motto.Sincere, you want, we will continue to work hard, constant pursuit of first-class quality and service, create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, to forge ahead and win-win atmosphere.We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to Kang Run, and seek common development, create brilliant.